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Full Look for #1 Best Seller of HiEHA 7 Inch Double Din Apple CarPlay Stereo King

Full Look for #1 Best Seller of HiEHA 7 Inch Double Din Apple CarPlay Stereo King - Hieha

Comparing with other car stereos like Sony, Pioneer, etc.

Hieha Carplay Stereo is highly praised by purchased customers for friendly price with good quality.

Half price or less could get full features and functions of a top brand. It is the true king to be #1 Best Seller in Car Stereo Digital Media Receivers.

Let's take a full check!

Top 9 Featrues of Hieha CarPlay Stereo

  • A standard universal car stereo seamlessly working with Apple Carplay for iPhone 5 and above
  • 7 inch full-touch capacitive screen in excellent responsiveness with a 800X480 resolution LCD display
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to finish installation easily for the beginners and skilled people
  • Instant reverse shift image from rear-view camera to help decide where you go
  • Bluetooth 4.2 / MirrorLink / SWC Control / FM Radio Live / Remote Control
  • MirrorLink available to most of the phones and sure to be legally used in your country while driving
  • Support 1080P video output and good sound quality to calls and music
  • Coming with a FREE rear-view camera and a FREE remote control in the package
  • US door-to-door delivery in 3-5 days by local Amazon free shipping service and 30-day unconditional refund guarantee

Full Look of HiEHA 7 Inch Double Din Apple CarPlay Stereo King

· Standard Universal for Apple Carplay and Android Auto 
HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King works seamlessly great with iPhone 5 and above.

As one of the smartest assistant to cars, HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King in an original Apple-friendly UI works seamlessly great with iPhones over 5. It is also compatible with Android phones from Android 6 to today's newer version.

· 7‘’ Full-touch Capacitive Screen in Excellent Responsiveness in 0.01S
HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King comes with a 800X480 resolution LCD display.

Taking a large 800X480 resolution LCD display with excellent responsiveness in 0.01 second, HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King helps drivers enjoy a better driving experience in an easier and safer way.

· Simple Installation by Step-by-step Instructions for the Beginners
Do match up the wiring harnesses correctly.

Have a basic check first and install the car stereo then. Just follow our user manual for step-by-step instructions to match up the wiring harnesses correctly between the car and the stereo. Complete installation is never a problem to the beginners if it’s your first time to install it into your car. Fast learners would finish successfully less than 2 hours.

*HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King applies to a power supply voltage at 12V DC. To be sure and safe, please check the wiring diagrams for both of your car and the stereo to confirm you’ve connected them correctly.

· Rear-view Camera to Help Decide Where You Go
Put into reverse shift or not, you're seeing what you're driving to.

With a FREE universal rear-view backup camera in the package, you can install it to the rear license plate of your car. When the car is puting into reverse, HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King is switching to the right image instantly. You're seeing what you're driving to.

· Bluetooth 4.2/SWC Control/FM Radio Live/Remote Control
Make your hands-free driving journey smarter and easier.

Wake Siri or Google Assistant by HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King and your smart phone.

· MirrorLink Available to Most of the Phones
Be sure to be legally used in your country while driving.

MirrorLink feature keeps up with the ongoing evolution of smart phones on the market. All devices must be 1920X1080 and below.

· Worry-free Purchase for High Quality
The product tested complies with the requirements of IEC 60065:2014 and UL 60065, 8th Edition.

It supports 1080P video output and good sound quality to calls and music. Just enjoy your driving with our HiEHA CarPlay Stereo King.


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