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✔️ Wireless Connection

1. Plug Into Your Car's Auxiliary Power Outlet 

2. Connect Your Phone via Bluetooth or Included Cable

3. Endless Entertainment - It is Actually That Easy!

便携式 Carplay 屏幕

Wireless Portable Car Screen with Carplay & Android Auto & Mirror Link

HIEHA portable apple carplay screen allows you to seamlessly access your phone features via the big screen - instantly access to apps, phone calls, music, map navigation, messages and more, making your journey easy and pleasant!

car carplay screen

Upgrade Car Play Screen Stereo with Siri & Google Assistant Smart Voice Control

Connect your phone to this car carplay screen via bluetooth and wifi for wireless carplay and android auto, and you can access your phone's music, real-time navigation, messages and other features while driving safely. It also supports voice control via siri or google assistant without touching the screen, just speaking commands, effortlessly control your car touch screen with just your voice for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

android auto screen

Works with Almost All Vehicles

Works with Almost All Vehicles

Connect it to your phone effortlessly and enjoy the convenience of CarPlay/Android Auto/Mirror Link. Installing is a piece of cake—no need for disassembly, keeping car's original radio, and they can be coexist perfectly. This carplay/android auto screen is compatible with every car using cigarette lighter. Shop confidently with this apple play car stereo which snugly fits into 99% of car models. With 12-24V voltage, it can fit all different cars, like campers RVs, trucks, and vans, etc..

CarPlay car screen

Revolutionize your drive with HIEHA CarPlay car screen

With 1024*600 HD IPS screen, you can easily touch control at your fingertips. A powerful HD 1080P backup camera for crystal-clear reverse moments, and optional brightness adjustment for seamless day and night driving. Elevate your journey with cutting-edge technology that responds to your needs for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Cast your favorite content from your phone using AirPlay or Android Cast, turning your car into a personalized entertainment hub. Enjoy seamless streaming and stay connected to your digital world on the go.

car screen apple carplay
car play screen for my car plug in

The installation steps is quite easy

1. Stick the adhesive pad onto the mount.

2. Insert the mount into the back of the unit, be careful not to install it upside down, the microphone is located in the bottom left corner of the front panel; the screen-off key is located in the upper left corner of the back panel.

3. After you install the unit on the mount, the mount can rotate 90 degrees.

4. Fix the mount on your dashboard.

5. Connect the type-c power cable to this unit, and connect the other end to your car via cigarette lighter.

6. About backup camera: the reversing trigger wire (red thin wire) needs to be connected to the positive pole of the reversing light. Consult to seller if you have any difficulties in installing the camera.