The Tutorial Guide for Android Auto Adapter

Installation Steps:

1. Download the "Android Auto" app on your phone.
2. Please connect the wireless Android Auto adapter to your 
car unit's USB or Type C port.
3. Turn on Bluetooth and wifi functions on your phone.
4. Bluetooth pairing with SmartBox-XXXX device, and confirm the authorization request on your phone.
5. Continue and use the Android Auto feature.


How to Update Firmware Online?

Online Update
1. Connect the wireless Android Auto adapter to your car unit's USB port, turn on your Phone's WiFi and join the WiFi devices named "smartBox_xxxx", password is 88888888.

2. Open the browser and enter the URL, click on "Switch P2P", the pop-up window will indicate "switch P2P OK ".



3. Go to "Settings" - "WLAN" -- "WLAN Direct" on your mobile phone and connect to "smartBox_xxxx" device name.

4. Go back to your phone browser and click "Update" to enter the upgrade process.


5. On the same page, you can also submit a problem/issue log to us.

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